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ObexTool languages

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ObexTool: How to create and use language files

How to create and use language files

The ObexTool is designed multi-lingual, i.e. the complete user interface may be changed to another language by changing a language file only. The language files are located in the lang subdirectory of the ObexTool. The file format is a typical TCL array with the english messages as index.

Two functions are essential to the language mechanism and are defined in lib/obextool.ini:
  1. load_Messages module language
    module is the dictionary name, usually the module name and
    language is the second character language extension

  2. get_text msg [module]
    msg is the english message text, which will be translated to the foreign language and the optional
    module name addresses the language dictionary.

If no module name is specified, always the the language file obextool.[language] is addressed.

load_Messages must be called at the beginning of the execution which loads the translated messages.

After loading the message file the function get_text may be used to retrieve the corresponding translation of a message.

The configuration key config language in the configuration file etc/obextool.cfg determines the used language.

Example - assuming the statement:
set ObexConfig(config,language) de
in the configuration file etc/obextool.cfg:
load_Messages sms_siem [getObexCfg config language]
set sa [get_text "Sender address:" sms_siem]
The format of a language file is the array set syntax of TCL and the name of the variable must be exactly: "Modulename"_Text, where "Modulename" must be replaced by the module name specified in the load_Messages call.
It is also identical to the module part of the message file name described above - example:
array set sms_siem_Text [list\
 "Time stamp:" "Zeitstempel:"\
 "Sender address:" "Absenderadresse:"\

Further details about ObexTool you can read on Trouble shooting.

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