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On this page we present Tech-EDV Software published under the GNU General Public License. You can download and use these programs free of charge.

Tcl/Tk GSM-Library

This is a first attempt to create a basis for comunicating with mobiles using the language TCL/TK. The user interface is currently only available in german. The programs are tested only on a Siemens S25, Siemens S35 and Siemens M50 using a data interface cable.
IRDA stuff should work setting the $STTY_PROG device name to /dev/ircomm0 - I hope.

Download the Tcl/Tk GSM-Library (File size 34.1 KB).


Link to our ObexTool page.

ObexTool screenshot

This function plotter is the result of the requirement to embed mathematical functions into a learning script. The software may also be seen as a programming example for the usage of the canvas object in the script language Tcl/Tk and shall inspire cooperation and further development.

The kernel of the programm is based on the program Funplot written by Richard Suchenwirth and has been extended to fullfill the new requirements.

tkFPlot screenshot
Here you may find a detailed description of the function plotter (German only).

the function plotter version tkFPlot 0.35 as
TGZ-File (File size 9 KB - Unix/Linux) oder
ZIP-File (File size 9 KB - Windows).

The LCD simulation program LCD-Editor (German description only) is able to simulate the lcd-display EA7123-I2C (http://www.lcd-module.de) which is used by the micro controller halvedDISC as display unit. This program was created during writing the diploma thesis with the title:

Drehwinkelsteuerung mit Mikrocontroller und I≤C-Bus

at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida. The simulation module LCD-Editor supports the programming of the halvedDISC display and the creation of manualy by creating graphic data for the documentation. This program is written too in Tcl/Tk (see also description tkFPlot).

Click onto image to enlarge display

of on lcd simulation program LCD-Editor in version LCD_Edit 0.5 as
Linux Executable (Starkit-GZIP) (File size 1.1 MB),
Windows Executable (Starkit-ZIP) (File size 0.9 MB),
TCL-Source (TAR-Format) (File size 21 KB) or
TCL-Source (ZIP-Format) (File size 73 KB).

The TCL-Source package contains also the LCD-font bitmap definitions and the Bitmap-Editor (by Keith Vetter) which has been imroved by some additional functions. With that program the existing dot-matrix definitions can be changed or extended.

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