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This site intends to be a resource for people searching for the proper Linux - CAD system for the special purposes of any user. There are various remarkable new developments in this rapidly growing sector. Many of the linked programs are distributed freely. For further information take a closer look on our CAD/3d section.

This is not a page about LUnix (Little Unix), a new and perhaps better operating system for the C64.
If you want to know more about LNG (LUnix Next Generation) visit the LUnix Homepage:

Due to the big amount of new developments we decided to split our CAD Links section into a pure CAD Links page and a Modelers page and introduced a CAD/3d related utility page.

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If you have any open questions to this web site or you want to inform us about broken or missing links, don't hesitate to send a mail to our Webmaster. If you have information about a new or missing entry in our Linux CAD links, you also use our new Software Report Page to inform us about news, errors or changes.

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