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We want to provide you with basic and recent information about CAD-sytems under Linux/Unix.

What's new?

  • Jun, 16th 2018
    A little fine tuning for GDPR compliance (permanent links).

  • May, 13th 2018
    Making the LUnIx page GDPR compliant, switching to HTTPS.
    Some links removed and new ones added (3d printing) on the CAD/3d page.

  • Aug, 20th 2016
    Incorrect references from the VariCAD page removed and some house keeping done.

  • Sep, 15th 2013
    Links cleanup and update, new links added on CAD/3d page.

  • Aug, 15th 2012
    Some smaller updates, reorganization, complete rework of the Linux Links and the Gimp page, old and outdated links removed, etc.

  • Sep, 4th 2011
    Several updates and new entries in the sections CAD Links, Utilities and a little cleanup. Thanks for reporting all the stuff!

  • Mar, 27th 2011
    Adding new Software Report Page to make reporting more easy for the users. Update page layout and CSS, repairing some template bugs. Updating some links on CAD/3d page. Linux Webring staff removed.

  • Mar, 7th 2011
    Complete relaunch of the pages using self written content management system TCMS 0.4.

  • Feb, 27th 2004
    Several new projects on our Linux CAD Links page, our CAD/3D Utilities page and a new link on our Linux CAD start page.

  • Sep, 27th 2003
    Update on our Linux CAD Links page with several new project links.

  • May, 27th 2003
    One new project on our Modelers Links page, two new on CAD/3D Utilities page.

  • Dec, 17th 2002
    CAD Links, CAD/3D Utilities and CAD page update. Many new links.

  • Oct, 11th 2003
    Update of our VariCAD page.

  • Oct, 7th 2002
    Conversion to CSS and standard compliant HTML (finally!)

  • Nov, 30th 2001
    Some updates in our CAD Links section, one new link. Modelers update will follow.

  • Jul, 10th 2001
    Fixed broken links on our VariCAD page.

  • Feb, 6th 2001
    VariCAD page updated, one new Modeler link (DeskArtes IDS), one new CAD link (Bocad-3d).

  • Jan, 31st 2001
    Split of the CAD Links into Cad Links, Modelers Links; +CAD/3d related Utilities. Many new links.

  • Mar, 22nd 2000
    Correction of mistakes, broken links and wrong infos.

  • Mar, 17th 2000
    Major addition of CAD links in consideration of modelers. Linux links update later.

  • Aug, 31st 1999
    CAD links added at last, VariCAD and Microstation info.

  • Mar, 11th 1999
    CAD section added, gimp Links and mirrors page added.

  • Feb, 4th 1999
    new links added. mirrors page created. cancelled.

  • Jan, 1st 1999
    Linux Webring

  • Jan, 19th 1999
    Added LUnIx Logo and some new links.

  • Jan, 13th 1999
    Web design changed.

  • Jan, 12th 1999
    Corrected mistakes, changed appearance (a little bit).

  • Jan, 7th 1999
    Added Linux Links section.

The pages are hosted by Tech-EDV, a Software Company seated in Austria, concentrating on Linux/Unix products, CAD development/support and software solutions for companys working in technical branches.

Please contact our Webmaster in any case of failure in this web area or if you have detailed questions.

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