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Here we put together a list of additional CAD/3d Utilities. These tools are not intended to create interactively 2d or 3d geomentry, but they may be used for viewing, work in batch mode or provide other usefull tools for 2d and 3d cad environments.

We also have a LUnIx CAD links with links to CAD sytems for Linux and Modelers-Links with 3d modelling product links.

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  Description License Type: Source Code: Binary Packages
-> AutoTrace is a program for converting bitmap to vector graphics. The aim of the AutoTrace project is the development of a freely available application with a functionality similar to CorelTrace or Adobe Streamline. Input file formats: BMP, TGA, PNM, PPM, PGM, PBM and those supported by ImageMagick. Export file formats: Postscript, svg, xfig, swf, pstoedit, emf, dxf, cgm, mif, p2e and sk. GPL Yes  
-> CADLO Such as, the Draw module of LibreOffice/ makes it possible to make technical drawing. CADLO adds some functions that one can find in other CAD. This Addon was written in python with use of the module pyuno. LGPL Yes  
-> Write Once - View Anywhere Advanced CAD Conversion - Exchange range of converters are flexible advanced vector and bitmaps graphics conversion components. Advanced CAD Data Extraction - Data Extraction range offers tools to extract and index any type of content in a CAD file. CAD Collaboration/CADViewer - web-based, platform independent CAD viewing and collaboration solutions. Commercial    
-> DGNLib is a Microstation DGN (ISFF) Reader. MIT/X style open source license Yes  
-> DXF Library is an open source C++ library mainly for parsing DXFTM files. QCAD, CAM Expert and vec2web use dxflib to import DXF files and it can also write DXF files. GPL Yes  
-> DXF Viewer is a Java program which displays DXF and SHX files (which may even be packed with zip, gzip and bzip2). It runs under every machine which supports at least Java 1.5 (also known as Java 5). An Applet version of the viewer is also available. Free On demand, commercial JAR
-> G3DViewer is a 3D file viewer for GTK+ supporting a variety of file types: 3D Studio (.3ds, .prj), LightWave (.lw, .lwb, .lwo), Alias Wavefront Maya (.obj), Impulse TurboSilver / Imagine (.iob), AutoCAD (.dxf), Quake II Models (.md2), Neutral File Format (.nff), 3D Metafile (.3dmf, .3mf, .b3d), Caligari TrueSpace Objects(.cob), Quick3D Objects & Scenes (.q3o, q3s), VRML 1.0 files (.wrl, .vrml), AC3D objects (.ac, .acc). Features: Wireframe mode, Specular lighting. GPL Yes  
-> gCncCam GNU Cam Processor GNU CNC CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Tool for converting DXF (CAD) Files to G-Code (RS-274) NC-Files. GPLv2 Yes DEB
-> Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and M*tif. Grace runs on practically any version of Unix. As well, it has been successfully ported to VMS, OS/2 and Win9*/NT (some minor functionality may be missing, though). GPL Yes RPM
-> HeeksCNC a CAD/CAM application for Windows or Linux that can help you produce the NC code for your milling machine. See also HeeksCAD. New BSD License Yes  
-> LinkCAD Conversion Software. It converts mask or PCB layout between AutoCAD DXF, Gerber RS274X, GDS-II, CIF, PostScript, IE3D and other formats, creates a printed hardcopy, automatically fixes common polygon problems. Commercial    
-> Lx-Viewer is a program that will allow you to open, view and print DWG or DXF files. Files can be saved to DWG or DXF formats from AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2000 plus BMP and PNG formats. SVG support is also currently under development. Files can be printed or plotted to a Postscript printer or to file. modified GPL (linked to OpenDWG libraries) Yes (without OpenDWB libs)  
-> Open CASCADE This a set of C++ libraries that are available as Open Source for developing CAD and graphics applications. Current supported platforms are Linux, Windows NT, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris. More... Matra Datavision Public License Yes  
-> Open Scene Graph is an open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit, used by application developers in fields such as visual simulation, games, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modelling. Available all Windows platforms, OSX, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris, HP-Ux, AIX and FreeBSD operating systems. LGPL Yes DEB, RPM
-> SALOME is an open-source software that provides a generic platform for Pre- and Post-Processing for numerical simulation. It is based on an open and flexible architecture made of reusable components. LGPL Yes DEB, RPM
-> StCAD is a basic 3D CAD framework in Smalltalk (VisualWorks 7.x). It also includes StGeo which is the 3D geometric domain, StMath which provides the mathematical support for 3D CAD and motion simulation computations, and StDoc which is a simple word processor. StMath is also suitable for engineering, scientific and business computing. StCAD allows users to create and manipulate assemblies, which are collections of 3D parts. Needed by freeCAD. LGPL Yes  
-> Universal 3D models converter The Goal is to make converter between various 3D file formats with some object manipulation capabilities. Development Status: Planning/Pre-Alpha GPL Yes  
-> VariCAD Viewer is a free scaled-down version of VariCAD (Linux and Windows version available) used for viewing VariCAD (DWB), AutoCAD (DWG/DXF - 2D only) and STEP (3D) files. Take a look at our VariCAD section! Free No  
-> Z88 Aurora is divided in three different areas: FE-Preprocessor, FE-Solver and FE-Postprocessor. Import- and export exchange formats: STEP, STL, DXF. Fe-structure data: NASTRAN (*.BDF, *.NAS), ABAQUS (*.INP), ANSYS (*.ANS) and COSMOS (*.COS). FE-Solver, which calculates displacements, stresses and node forces. Postprocessor options: visualisation, statistic function, single result export in *.CSV-format. Freeware No DEB


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